FCK South Karachi Football Foundation Football Club Karachi has launched a social program known as “Football for All”, in which FCK has decided to develop  Foundations across Karachi, one in each district, to provide everyone with not only close proximity to the Foundation Center but also develop talent regardless of which sector of Karachi they reside in. Football Club Karachi being registered in District South has started its initiative from District South. . Football Club Karachi Vocational Training FCK also believes in providing individuals the necessary skills to acquire a job, and therefore with enough monetary assistance as to not have to rely on their children to make enough to make end’s meat. Through this not only would parents acquire skills to benefit Karachi, by contributing in its skilled labor, but also help reduce Child Labor dramatically. With such a stand, the child has more time to study and develop in sport, whilst keeping him away from Street Crime and Drugs. This directly relates to UNICEF ambitions, which Football Club Karachi seeks to affiliate its foundations with in the near future.