ABOUT FC Karachi

FCKARACHI .incFootball Club Karachi, is the first Football Club in Pakistan, which prioritizes the supporter. Here at FCK, we believe in the Supporter and the Club, forming one complete whole, only together. FCK is currently the Fastest Growing Football Club in the History of Pakistan. With over 20,000 facebook likes in only a matter of 80 days, as well as a strength of approximately 200 individuals already a part of Football Club Karachi. This speed of development is unprecedented in Pakistani history and truly becomes the backbone of a Pakistani Football Revolution.
Football Club Karachi is led by Mr. Hamza Farooque, who is a sports, contract and corporate lawyer who has Graduated and obtained a Masters in Law at Universities in England. He is also a former Professional Football Player who has achieved various accolades in England and in Pakistan. Hamza Farooque is a visionary who has brought forth an International Network to Integrate with Football Club Karachi, and aspires to build a Football Club which would bring a Football Culture in Pakistan, therefore creating the ultimate brand of Football in Pakistan. Hamza Farooque aims at addressing Social Ailments at the same time through which Football Suffers in various parts of Karachi, and seeks to remove Poverty, Promote Education and provide individuals with Vocational Training so that social disparity is curtailed.
Football Club Karachi therefore seeks to be the ideal platform to not only begin the actual rise of Pakistani Football, but the best possible brand of Football in Pakistan as the Football Club seeks to truly bring forth a positive change in the Dynamics of Pakistan.
2. The Mission
Football Club Karachi aspires and works towards a day where Pakistan is regarded as World Champions of Football. Currently Pakistan is at its all-time low in FIFA World Rankings, ranking at number 203. Currently the Pakistan Football Federation has been suspended FIFA, due to which no official Football has been played after the National Challenge Cup of 2014.
This being a Football Election Year, as well as a Pakistani Election Year; Football Club Karachi is working towards a true change in the realm of Football in Pakistan. Despite the statistics showing how low football has reached in Pakistan, the ground reality is that the craze of Football is at an ALL TIME HIGH right now.
These events have transpired in Pakistan in recent history:
a. Brazil National Futsal Team vs. Pakistan National Futsal Team – 19th of February 2018. (Karachi)
`{`Football Club Karachi signs a player from this Event.`}`
b. Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs, Robert Pires, Nicolas Anelka among others came to Pakistan for a huge event. – Karachi, 2017.
`{`Football Club Karachi signs a player from this Event`}`
c. Pakistan earns Bronze Medal at FIFA Street World Cup Brazil. – Most players were from Lyari, Karachi.
`{`Football Club Karachi Signs a player form this Event.`}` - 2017

In a country with over 200 Million Residents, and a City with over 24 Million Residents, Football is blossoming like never before. Karachi is truly the home of Football in Pakistan, and is hosting events upon events. At this moment in time, like never before, Karachi is the ideal place to invest in Football.

3. Football Club Karachi Lyari Foundation

Football Club Karachi’s Lyari Foundation is a Free Football Coaching institute within the heart of a place, known as “Little Brazil”, that is Lyari. This place is the center of Football in Karachi, and Football Club Karachi is doing what it can to fund its Football Foundation in Lyari so that talent may truly blossom in Lyari.

To promote Football in Lyari, FCK is also hosting a Mega Match in April, that too against the best possible players from Lyari. This event is scheduled to host an audience of 10,000 to 12,000 individuals and is gearing towards being an absolute Crowd Favorite experience. This match is aimed towards showcasing both, the best talents in all of Lyari for the world to observe, and also geared towards the talent at Football Club Karachi, and the new brand of magnetic Football that it offers.

3. FCK South Karachi Football Foundation
Football Club Karachi has launched a social program known as “Football for All”, in which FCK has decided to develop 4 Foundations across Karachi, one in each district, to provide everyone with not only close proximity to the Foundation Center but also develop talent regardless of which sector of Karachi they reside in. Football Club Karachi being registered in District South has started its initiative from District South.

4. Football Club Karachi Vocational Training

FCK also believes in providing individuals the necessary skills to acquire a job, and therefore with enough monetary assistance as to not have to rely on their children to make enough to make end’s meat. Through this not only would parents acquire skills to benefit Karachi, by contributing in its skilled labor, but also help reduce Child Labor dramatically. With such a stand, the child has more time to study and develop in sport, whilst keeping him away from Street Crime and Drugs. This directly relates to UNICEF ambitions, which Football Club Karachi seeks to affiliate its foundations with in the near future.


Hamza Farooque
First Team Coach
MR Hassan Baloch
Head Coach